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Our mission is to provide personalized service to buyers and sellers and develop our clients into long- term relationships.

About Don Oberto

Don has been a resident of Montrose for over thirty-five years. He is a retired Realtor, bank president, businessman and community leader. His over 20 years in the local banking industry, coupled with his prior experience in the computer industry and recent real estate experience, makes Don a logical choice to know the regional market and refer his clients successfully.

Don Oberto is a lifelong resident of the western slope of Colorado. He is a third generation native of Colorado who was born and raised in Telluride, Colorado. Don has a B.A. and M.A. degree in Mathematics and was a licensed real estate broker from 1989 to 2014. Don has been very active in the local community having been President of the Airport Advisory Board, President of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the local hospital board as well as serving on other local boards.

Don is excited about the Montrose economy and the surrounding region and wants to play a part in the orderly development of the area.

Don is active is the study of local genealogy and regional history.  Much of his time is spent researching his family's local history in the area.  This includes not only documenting his family history from 1890 to the current time, but also researching and documenting other individuals in the region.

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Don Oberto
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